Our Church is open each day from 3.15 am for our first Office of the day, known as “Vigils”, until Compline, our last Office of the day at 7.45 pm

The heating in the Church is kept on all day during the autumn and winter months.

All are welcome to use the public area of the Church during these hours for quiet prayer, or even if you just wish to take time to sit still and reflect on your life and what is happening for you and those whom you love.

The same applies if you need a place where you can take your cares and concerns about events unfolding in our World, so that you can sit quietly with those feelings and in your heart express your desires and longing for a better future for those who suffer when such incidents occur.

Public Area – This is the section of the Church with formal pews which stretches from the public entrance door up-to the low wooden rails which mark the start of the monastic enclosure. For that reason, please do not proceed beyond the wooden rails.

Sacrament of Reconciliation (or Confession) – If you wish to receive the Sacrament or to speak to one of the priests, please contact the person at the temporary hut outside the Church who will arrange for one our priests to go to the Confession box in the Church porch.



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