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Christ is Risen


We are called

to share in the Resurrection

of Jesus

not because

we have fulfilled all the laws

of God and man,

not because we are religious heroes,

but because we are suffering and struggling

human beings.



fighting for our lives,


fighting for freedom,


taking up spiritual weapons

against the powers that degrade

and insult our human dignity.

(From He is Risen by Thomas Merton OCSO)


The resurrection of Jesus is the good news that Jesus has defeated evil and death, and so will we.

It is the good news that nothing can destroy us anymore – not pain, nor sorrow, not rejection, not sin, not even death itself.

It is the good news that Jesus is alive and active in our world, ready to work miracles for us, if we but let him.”

(Brother Roger, Founder of the Taize Community)

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